See What Others Don’t – Zimbabwe Elections

A wise man once said ” When others are fearfull it’s time to be strong”. In the world of investments we are always surrounded by opportunities, but when to act on them is the question to answer. Zimbabwe is going in a transformation right now and those who are prepared are going to be ahead.  There are lots and lots of opportunities in Zimbabwe so open your eyes. Study our history 38 years back and ask why we were one of the best countries economy wise. We still have the same resources and we claim to have some of the most educated  people in the world. Did we just get the knowledge but did not use it wisely.

Let’s wake up and unleash our human potential, we need our engineers,farmers,teachers, everybody to think outside the box. Instead of playing the blaming game why not play the loving game and share every resource we have to make Zimbabwe Great for all. Only Zimbabweans can make Zimbabwe great, lets come together and rebuild our nation. Say No to Corruption, say No Violence, say No to Tribal wars. The Army and the Police should be for the people not for a political party.

Elections are coming, may the best man win and lead the country to prosperity.


Love Thy Neighbor

Fear our worst Enemy

I have any idea but I fear to act on it Why? beacause I’m afraid. What if something happens, so we have denied ourself an opportunity before we even started. When we were working on this website I didn’t know what was going to happen, but here we are. Fear can make you feel useless, but acting on something without fear will give you confidence to do that next thing. Most of the time all we need is support and encouragement from people around us.

So next time you have an idea or project just thinkof this magic words “What do I have to lose”. You can try 99 times and fail and make it on the 100th trial. All you need is one idea to go through and you are in. Most successful people I know became that way because they did not let fear or failure an obstacle, but a way of education and moving on.

So I say to you Failure is the best teacher only if you conqure Fear.

One’s Ability

Finance is part of our daily living, we don’t pay much attention to this topic why because it involves Math. We all want to be rich one way or the other. So let’s learn just the basics of Finance.  Doc Strive Masiyiwa encourages us to learn Math and teach our children. Children learn from us, if have a negative attitude about Math guess what children sense that. Education is the only way we can improve ourselves and those around us.

I follow Warren Buffett a lot and he has this website he teaches children about Finance and business, let’s share and mould the next generation.

Message from Warren Buffett

Tai Chi, My Day

When I decided to do Tai Chi it was an adventure, I watched a movie called ”Twin Warriors ” by Jet li. So when I met my Master(teacher)  he said “Tai Chi is done slow for long term benefits, reverse flow you slow down to be faster.” I did not understand at first, I started doing a beginner’s form Tai chi 24. After a few months doing 24. In Martial arts there is Internal or Soft side which is Tai chi and External or Hard side which is

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Did not Know

When I went to register Rudo Ikoko Investments I thought it was just a short process, I did not know much since I never had a company. I went and asked about the requirements, wow.I did not know about the laws of business, taxes, and the whole process of registering.  You have to have the name of the company and it has to be checked if its available, then you register, there are fees to be paid for all this, you must have a lawyer so they can help you clarify some of the things you do not understand. You need an accountant to guide you about Taxes. Tax clearance is required.

I was had the opportunity to find some great minds that made my process easy. Don’t be afraid to ask.These are some a few things I remember. If you have anything to add about the process of registering a company feel free to share.


My day

I started taking Tai Chi 12yrs ago. What is Tai chi “Tai chi, short for t’ai chi ch’üan, is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. The term taiji refers to a philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to the moves.”  Why Tai Chi ? for me it is part of my life, we learn meditation, forms which are different levels of progressing. It has improved my health, way of thinking, calmness, discipline, respect and to love.

What has this to do with business, without all those attributes there is no healthy business.

So lets be Healthy.

Pay your Taxes

“Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser”

Part of being a business owner is paying Taxes to the Government, most of us don’t have knowledge about this topic.

So we are adding this page so we can help and share the advantages and disadvantages of paying Taxes. Some businesses end up closing because they were not paying Taxes.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

Love thy self, if you love yourself truthfully is only when you can love others without prejudice. Imagine you have a company and everyone is sick every other day, your business will not survive. Running a business is like taking care of yourself. Let’s be healthy to have healthy businesses.

The Art of Giving

Philanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, what sets him apart from the rest is his ability to share his wealth. I challenge everyone of us to give in anyway we can. Do it with love.

How to Increase Profitability

One way to increase profitability is through advertising, the more people see and understand what you are doing the more they use your services. Let us help you advertise your business.