Did not Know

When I went to register Rudo Ikoko Investments I thought it was just a short process, I did not know much since I never had a company. I went and asked about the requirements, wow.I did not know about the laws of business, taxes, and the whole process of registering.  You have to have the name of the company and it has to be checked if its available, then you register, there are fees to be paid for all this, you must have a lawyer so they can help you clarify some of the things you do not understand. You need an accountant to guide you about Taxes. Tax clearance is required.

I was had the opportunity to find some great minds that made my process easy. Don’t be afraid to ask.These are some a few things I remember. If you have anything to add about the process of registering a company feel free to share.


Pay your Taxes

“Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser”

Part of being a business owner is paying Taxes to the Government, most of us don’t have knowledge about this topic.

So we are adding this page so we can help and share the advantages and disadvantages of paying Taxes. Some businesses end up closing because they were not paying Taxes.