Tai Chi, My Day

When I decided to do Tai Chi it was an adventure, I watched a movie called ”Twin Warriors ” by Jet li. So when I met my Master(teacher)  he said “Tai Chi is done slow for long term benefits, reverse flow you slow down to be faster.” I did not understand at first, I started doing a beginner’s form Tai chi 24. After a few months doing 24. In Martial arts there is Internal or Soft side which is Tai chi and External or Hard side which is Kung fu according to our system. I had  never done the Hard side before, so one Saturday our Master wanted us to spar. That day I was surprised how fast I was blocking the Hard side guys and most of them were amazed about what Tai chi does for you. Most of the guys thought since Tai chi was just slow movements done beautifully there was nothing to it.

Don’t under estimate others because they are doing things slow, you never know how powerful they are in your business.


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