Fear our worst Enemy

I have any idea but I fear to act on it Why? beacause I’m afraid. What if something happens, so we have denied ourself an opportunity before we even started. When we were working on this website I didn’t know what was going to happen, but here we are. Fear can make you feel useless, but acting on something without fear will give you confidence to do that next thing. Most of the time all we need is support and encouragement from people around us.

So next time you have an idea or project just thinkof this magic words “What do I have to lose”. You can try 99 times and fail and make it on the 100th trial. All you need is one idea to go through and you are in. Most successful people I know became that way because they did not let fear or failure an obstacle, but a way of education and moving on.

So I say to you Failure is the best teacher only if you conqure Fear.


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